This Oops!

Last night I blogged about White Christmas and my blog face lift. I goofed on who's doing the redesign however. It's Fabulous K! I wrote as I was thinking about other things - specifically the Pink Wallpaper blog and then the words appeared. I hate it when that happens. We've gotta spread the love! So thank you to Fabulous K for your stylish blog design :) I can't wait for the reveal.

Tonight the bf and I are heading to Yorkdale. This might be one of my favourite malls ever, but I am NOT looking forward to the mayhem that awaits me. I love the mall. I love Christmas. I am not a fan of crowds though and since I've been suffering with this winter cold, I can't imagine I'm going to have the stamina to push my way through the mobs of shoppers. The things we do for retail therapy.

This afternoon I've got the second work Christmas party. They go all out at my work. Last year we had a fake reindeer and fireplaces with lodge furniture brought in. It was awesome. There were different food stations and the most memorable was the very Canadiana maple syrup station. Nestled on a bed of shaved ice were sticks with fresh maple syrup just beginning to solidify. I might have indulged in a few of those. I wonder what they'll do this year!

Happy Thursday folks. xoxo, Major Gal.

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