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What can't we learn about loving life and being happy from our animal friends? It's no secret that I'm an animal lover and adore my fur baby, Gigi. She's one of the best things in my life and she makes me happy every single day. Dogs generally make me happy. I can be the most put-together powerful woman, owning my intelligence and beauty and then I'll see a dog on a walk and I start shrieking and talking to the dog who may or may not be able to hear me. And, I'm thrilled to do it.

Lately I've seen a few great emails and slide shows about pets and animals. Last week I posted a video to my Facebook about a dog the SPCA rehabilitated.

Honestly, if you need a push to get out of the bed in the morning and sometimes suffer from "Woe is me" syndrome, watch this video and think about how good you have it. Lucky, the star of this video doesn't complain. More of us should be like Lucky.

Dogs have such a wonderful way of looking at the world around them. The water dish is always half full for dogs and when the bowl is empty, they don't bitch and whine. Instead they're so elated when you fill it back up again. Let's do more to be like our furry friends. Last summer I was out of work for a bit and one day I walked my three dogs down to the park. We sprawled out on the grass and it's still one of the most peaceful and joyous moments I can remember having in ages. We weren't doing a thing. I wasn't on my BlackBerry. The dogs weren't munching on treats. We just enjoyed the bliss of the grass against our bodies and the sunshine on our faces. It was fantastic and I learned something really important from my dogs that day...happiness shouldn't be a goal. I found happiness in those few minutes when I let myself slow down and stop stressing about a job and money. I just took the moment in and looked at my dogs. They're my happiness gurus.

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I do stumbling onto your blog. It is not only for discovering more about personality, but also enjoying reading it, doesn't matter if they call that a whipsy look