This is Adorable

I've loved this song ever since I heard it on Sirius XMU channel in the spring and now it's getting even more exposure. If you pay any attention to entertainment news or YouTube, you might know what song I'm talking about. There's a father/daughter duo covering Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros awesome song, Home. The daughter in just a wee thing at only six years old and she catches every nuance in lyrics and sound. She's full of soul and the pair are now an online sensation.

Here's the link to their video...if you need to smile today, watch this and I promise you, your cheeks will ache from the huge grin on your face.

If I didn't already love this song, I would have fallen deeply in love with it after seeing this video. Jorge and Alexa were on Ellen today so I had to spread their happiness just a little bit further.

Up at the top of the post is a picture I took in Laguna Beach a few years ago. I was chatting about how much I love California with a friend today and let's face it - who doesn't need some beach imagery when it's so cold outside?

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