This Thursday I Will...

Today I'm happy because I'm seeing the bf tonight, my condo is pretty clean and it's almost the weekend. I got paid yesterday - financial happy - and I've got a great weekend to look forward to.

Tomorrow night my girlfriend Julia and her beau are coming over for some appetizers and vino. I haven't seen Julia since Christmas so I'm very excited. We used to live down the street from each other (our parents still do) so I'm used to seeing her a lot. Since we've both moved out on our own and have busy careers, we don't hang out as much. Julia is an uber successful bank manager and I could not be more proud of her. What makes me especially happy about her success is knowing that she worked really hard for it. I'd recommend Julia for any job. What she doesn't know, she learns and she works her hiney off at everything she does. I know lots of people say they work hard, but she's actually working hard all the time. When she's rich and powerful I can tell everyone that we've been friends since high school and instantly got along as if we'd always known each other.

It's Thursday so that means I've got some telly watching to do this evening. Greys and Private Practice are appointment television for me. Used to be Jersey Shore, but lately I've lost interest. I still think Snooki is adorable, but now I'll just catch the rerun on MTV over the weekend instead of making sure I'm home in time to fist pump with the crew.

What's making you happy today? I brought my lunch (healthy happiness) and I'm pleased that I'm starting to prepare meals for the week so that I'm not spending a fortune each day and eating on the run. It feels good to stick with a goal :) Yesterday the dining hall was serving meat lasagna for lunch so I did indulge. I can't turn down pasta. It's perhaps my favourite food. Carbs, tomatoes and cheese? Heck yes!

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Kerry said...

Sounds like you do have a fantastic weekend to look forward to... and I'm right with you sista! I could eat pasta every single night of the week... but thankfully I have B to keep me in check haha (I'm a carb-aholic for sure!)