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Hey guys, today I'm over at my cyber pal Kerry's blog as today's perfectly imperfect feature. She started this guest spot a while back when she realized one day that we're often trying to show the world how together we are and how perfect a world we live in. The jig is up folks. We're perfectly imperfect and so our the places we live. Kerry writes a great blog called First Time Fancy and I've been a reader for a while now. She's got a bun in the oven, a wonderful design sense, an academic career and a hubby who cooks! That girl has stuff figured out and I'm thrilled she's asked me to be a part of her blog. So go check it out!

You'll spot a Major Gal fixture in this post - that Gigi of mine turns up everywhere. She turned 4 yesterday so in dog years that means we're both the same age..until I blow out 29 candles in Florida come March.

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Kerry said...

Thanks for the kind words Crystal! You're too sweet... and of course thanks for writing up the post! I love having everyone share their spaces... and yours is so great and girly! :)