Look at This Winter Pup

Today was one of those great Sundays. Productive. Delicious. Snowy. Cozy and happy. Gigi and I woke up to get the slow cooker ready for some epic sports fan chili - a joint effort with bf - which I can say tastes fantastic. We whipped up a batch of blueberry pancakes and after some couch cuddles, hit the city in search of a fenced in off-leash dog park uptown. I tweeted my need of a doggie oasis and my tweeps didn't let me down...I really love how instant and effective Twitter can be when you use it to your advantage.

Anyways, I mentioned wanting to get Gigi some boots since her teensy paws are so sensitive to the cold and salted sidewalks. I've been using a barrier cream but I wanted to give some doggie boots a try. BF suggested we stroll down Mount Pleasant and hit a shop for Miss Gigi. We found a great new pet boutique with the sweetest shopkeeper. Like me, he adores dogs. His affection for my little Gigi was genuine and awfully sweet. We tried a couple of options before settling on these adorable pink zip up boots.

At first, Gigi wasn't sure about her new gear. I swore I'd never put boots on my dog because as much as I might look like one of those chicks who stuff their pet in their purse, I'm totally not. I'm practical. Gigi has a coat and now boots because it's cold in Toronto and she spends hours outside with her dog posse from Pup and the City, so she needs to be dressed appropriately. The fact that her boots match her coat is purely coincidental, but I've gotta admit I'm glad the pink ones fit her ;)

Gigi and I spent late afternoon trekking through the Brick Works off Bayview. It's a great spot so I brought my camera along for some scenic shots. Alright, I brought my camera because I really wanted pics of Gigi in her new booties. As you can see, the adventure was a success. Gigi is exhausted. I'm happy to have spent a few hours outside today and now I'm looking forward to the Glee special I'm taping right now. Happy Sunday evening dolls.

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