This is a Happy Kitchen

My aunt told me years ago that a busy fridge means a happy home. I've always seen a fridge as an empty canvas. When I was a little girl I loved magnets and stickers. My fridge probably looks cluttered to most people, but to me it showcases all the important people and stuff in my life. I've got loads of pictures stuck on my fridge that haven't found their way to a frame yet. Plus, it's easy to switch up the pics and update your kitchen in just a teensy way. Looking at my fridge makes me happy.

Here are a few shots of my busy fridge. One of my favourite pictures is from about 1986. It's the group photo from my second year of ballet. In the picture, my pal Jo and I are sitting side by side. We didn't realize we had danced together when we were so young until we got to high school. Another one of our dance friends was also in this class, but she missed picture day that year. It's funny how small this world really is.

Inside my fridge is not nearly as exciting as the outside. As a chick living alone, I've got the basics in my fridge but it usually looks pretty empty so I won't bore you with those details - we're not on MTV Cribs here people. Some of my really cheerful fridge art includes the artwork my adopted World Vision son from Sri Lanka sends me. I started sponsoring Tharuk when I turned 25 and I've seen his artistic talents progress as he's grown. How could seeing the precious sketches of a young boy so far away not make me happy?

What's your fridge look like? Are you a minimalist or are you more like me? Do you have loads of cute magnets? I never really thought about how happy my fridge art makes me, but when I moved into this condo it was one of the first things I started decorating. Yep, I can even find the happy in something as ordinary as refrigerator magnets.

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Jen Woodall said...

You're awesome. I love my fridge. Tigger's on there.