This is My Girl

Today while I sat at work and looked outside at the snow, I decided to send my friend and dog walker, Shannon a message about the weather. We were chatting about how much this weather sucks and while we exchanged texts, she got to my condo to pick Gigi up for her walk. Apparently Gigi is hiding under my bed and refuses to come out. I told Shannon to try coaxing her out with a chewie and nothing has worked. Gigi hates wet weather and since slush is currently falling from the sky in Toronto, I guess she'd rather stay inside her warm condo. Kinda breaks my heart to think about her wedged under my bed while all her friends go out to play, but she did this to herself.

Knowing how much personality and determination my fur baby has is making me happy today. In face, it's making me giggle to myself during my lunch break :) Yes, Gigi can be a royal pain, but we all have off days. Heck, try approaching me when I'm in a bad mood and you might never recover from the lashing I give. Just ask my Dad. He makes it his purpose in life to make me smile when I wake up crabby (which is most mornings). He knows how grumpy I am when I wake up and that I don't like speaking, but he still gets a kick out of trying to make me laugh. This makes me even more irritated, but I still end up cracking for the old guy. Living on my own, I miss the morning harassment sometimes.

I told Shannon to go ahead with her day and leave Princess Gigi alone. I can't say I'd want to spend hours outside in this weather either...

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That Girl in Pearls said...

The dog always wins. I can't be mad at my pup for more than half a second. He kills me he's so cute!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

That Girl in Pearls