This Vacation Happy Place

Hi friends! As I enter my last year as a twenty-something, I'm excited to be blowing out my candles in one of my favourite places: FLORIDA! I'd love to tell you all how exotic I am and how much I love traveling to far and unusual places, but truthfully...this girl loves the good ole state of FLA. Tomorrow I'm hoping on a plane with baby sister, Papa, my Aunt Margaret and my cousin Amanda. We're staying in Fort Myers (I've never been there) and intend on spending as much time as possible, sunning ourselves - well, my Irish fam will be slathered in spf 60 - shopping, eating, laughing and enjoying our time away from this dreary Toronto rain.

So, you'll have to wait a week for me to get back and regale you all with tales of my retail adventures. Boutique Tarjay (Target), here I come! Macy's, lovely to be seeing you again. Bloomies, it's been too long. And perhaps my favourite FLA pal, the sandy beach. Oh, how I've missed my friends.

See you in a week! I'll be the 29 year old gal with the gorgeous tan ;) Have a fantastic week. Spring is on its way, so that means sunshine, fresh green buds on the trees, Easter, the smell of mud - okay, maybe you don't like that, but I think it's great - playing outside again and longer days. Ahhh, let's all focus on that if the weather gets us down, deal? xoxo

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