This Girl Makes Me Happy - Julia

When we met in 1998, Julia had blonde hair. She was wearing her grocery store uniform tie on her head. She had Italian flags painted on her acrylic nails. I had never seen anyone so vibrant, amusing or comical. I wanted to be her friend, but felt so quiet and ordinary in comparison. The next week I saw her again. She had redone her nails with France’s colours since Italy was booted out of the World Cup. Soon we were friends. She called me up after learning that we lived down the street from each other and since then we’ve been super close.

This weekend Julia turns 30. She’s still the spunky, colourful, hilarious girl I met all those years ago, but now she’s kicking butt in the financial world, buying properties, traveling frequently and making me laugh on a daily basis…okay, so some things haven’t changed.

I’ve wanted to feature Julia on the blog for quite a while now and she’s been a presence in my posts many times. A while back I wrote about her taking a chance on love and flying to Long Island for a guy we had a chance meeting with in New York two years earlier. She’s just one of those women who leaves an impact on the people around her. She’s one of the first people I turn to when I need help and she hasn’t let me down. If I called her from the opposite end of the earth and simply uttered the words, “Ju. I need you” she would be on a plane to rescue me in minutes. That’s just how she is. I’ve woken her from a deep sleep in a panic and she was at my door before she had fully peeled her eyes open. That’s dedication. That’s a true friend. That’s my Julia.

We spend Christmas Eve together every year. I feast on all the Italian goodies and chat with her sweet Nonna, her Zia (whom we’ve vacationed with in NYC), her parents, cousins and of course, I laugh and laugh with Julia. We’re more than friends. We’re family now. We spend holidays together, travel together and we’re invited to extended family weddings because we’re just that close after all these years. Here is just a glimpse of what’s making Julia happy these days and for the record, she’s always one of the people making me happy.

1. Name Julia, Jules, Ju

2. How did we meet? I believe 13 years ago or maybe 14 years ago after my shift as a cashier at Weston Produce I went to Coffee Time with some friends and I met Crystal! Then we hacked butts!

3. Favourite colour Green

4. Favourite activity – this can be tanning, reading, yoga, whatever Walking Rocky when I visit home, gym it helps with stress, drinking vino with my ladies lol

5. Favourite movie The Holiday. I can watch it every day the sound track is AMAZING. Note from Crystal - I have to agree with her on this one.

6. Current favourite thing about spring – clothing item, style, anything you want. Neon clothing that’s out I LOVE IT! Also one of my favourite things about spring has always been the smell of grass

7. How do you feel about turning 30? I’m not happy about becoming a cougar not one BIT! That’s why I’ll be turning 29 from now on! I work out at the gym more because my body is breaking down lol I can’t drink as much because my hangovers are FIERCE. So I’m angry really about turning 30.

8. What advice would you give yourself at 15, 20 and 25 that you know now that you’re heading into your 30s?

  • At 15 I would say PLAY everyday have no worries because the 20’s will be HARD.

  • At 20 I would say don’t get serious with a guy. Have fun dating, work more than one part time job to get experience at different career choices, have fun with your friends and family and vacation AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Note from Crystal – Julia vacations more than anybody I know. She’s probably logged more air miles than George Clooney in Up In The Air.

  • At 25 – it feels like yesterday for me. At 25 I became a single girl after being in a relationship for 6 years and the last 5 years I can honestly say were the BEST YEARS SO FAR. I bought a condo, I have an amazing job I love, I have the same group of ladies in my life that I love more then anything and my family is healthy and happy and god bless my nonna just turned 80 in nov!

9. Who is your current celebrity crush? 100% Johnny Depp just watched the tourist SO HOT!

10. What aspect of the Major Gal blog do you like the most? I love when “major blog” appears in my inbox at work - it’s a mini break I get from the banking world. I love Crystal’s style of writing and I can relate to a lot of her blogs. She’s so talented. I’m mostly just so proud of her and her accomplishments. Her blog makes me smile. She stays true to herself and that’s what makes her blog different from others! She will be famous one day! Note from Crystal – I didn’t make Julia say this. She truly is one of my biggest supporters.

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