This Makes Me Happy Today

It's sunny out. I got up early to see my chiropractor (not many people can get me out of bed before 9am). I packed healthy snacks for work today. I'm wearing my current fav top from J Crew - stripey grey sailor. I paid a tonne of bills last night. I just started following @TheSingleWoman on Twitter and I'm blown away by how honest and real the tweets are. I've retweeted quite a few already. It's my Aunt Dolly's birthday - I adore her name. It's a family name and one day I want a little girl named Dolly :) I'm feeling ready to take on the world these days. Sure, there are minor setbacks I didn't see coming, but I won't let any of them trip me up. I'm breaking into a steady jog now and I feel so blessed to be 29, confident and happy.

What's making you happy today?


Anonymous said...

Reading this makes me happy! (

Michaela said...

sunshine and chiro always make me HAPPY!