This is Monday

Hi lovelies. Did we all have a fantastic weekend? It was rainy and sideways snowy and cold in Toronto and Major Gal was a sickie face so I spent as much time on the couch as possible. Still managed to get five loads of laundry done...I'm not dead! You may wonder how a single gal would have six loads of laundry to do so I'll tell you that I had lights, darks, towels, Gigi's bedding, a winter coat and a heck of a lot of steaming. I love doing laundry, but we're getting off topic here. I saw my girlfriends Friday night and I didn't realize how much I had missed them until we were all seated around Nicole's kitchen table and I noticed we were all wearing grey tops. Julia and I had grey and white stripes. Nic had a heather grey sweater. Steph had a dark grey hoodie on and Laura had a grey cardigan on. We all had to laugh as we looked at each other. It was NOT planned, but a cute way of reminding us how much alike we are in some ways. I'm not sure I laugh as much with anyone else as I do with these particular ladies. Some of my wildest parties and craziest nights in many a city have been with this group. It's so important to have people like that in your life. My dad always told us to be a friend, make a friend, see a friend and talk to you friends. Would you look at that? He was right. I'm not telling him he was right of course or he'll never let me forget it. The rest of my weekend was not as exciting. I rested, drank tea, watched a lot of movies and gave my soul some time to mend itself after a trying week. I even smiled :)


Ashley said...

hi lovely! hope you're feeling much better! i hear ya on the laundry - it's amazing how it can build up for just one person right/ makes me nervous about kids...or the fact that i will no longer be able to do laundry just twice a month!

Major Gal said...

It's just me and a pup and I do laundry once a week. i'm outta control :)