This is My Favourite Today

My umbrella is my favourite thing today. Not the umbrella I brought with me to work - it's broken - but the cute Coach umbrella I left in my cousin's baby's stroller at a wedding this summer. Note to self: get that thing back.

It's big time raining in Toronto today. I was up for most of last night listening to the storm, checking the clock and blowing my nose in between coughing fits. It's been a joy this illness (heavy on the sarcasm). When rain comes, Torontonians use their trusty umbrellas. Well, this Torontonian held a beat up freebie (gift with purchase) umbrella over my head on my way to work while juggling my lunch bag, a venti caffe misto and my purse. I was a pathetic sight I'm sure. If the weather was warmer I could have worn my raincoat but NOOOOOOO, it's still chilly so mama needs to wear her winter jacket.

You know what they say, "April showers bring May flowers." I better have some really gorgeous tulips and peonies blooming soon for putting up with all this rain.

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