This Royal Happy Place

It's rare that I wake up when the clock hands are both pointing east (except for flights), but I was up this morning for the royal wedding and it has put me in the best mood. I was singing, prancing around my apartment, talking to Gigi in a British accent, doing my makeup and pretty much vibrating with joy for the royal newlyweds.

Yes, there is news happening all over the world and some of it isn't pleasant, but the coverage of the royal wedding should bring happiness to everyone. It's a joyous time. A marriage for two people so in could this event evoke anything but pure joy?

I can hardly focus on anything besides the wedding today. I want to run out to purchase a fascinator, although I'm pretty sure I have a headpiece I can rejig and add some feathers to and rock my own version. Fascinators are for young women and hats are for the older gang. I've always been enamoured with hats, even if I look silly wearing them. On my first trip to NYC at 16 I had a list of things I wanted to do: get a makeover on 5th Avenue, spend every penny I had and try on a fabulous hat. I did everything I wanted. Years earlier my Mom was taking a business trip to Boston and I begged her for a hat like the ones Blossom wore. She brought me back a black felt hat with a flower on it. I was in love. At 9 years old I didn't have the guts to wear it anywhere, but I coveted the Bloomingdales bag it came in and wore the hat around my tiny room.

One day I'm gonna get hitched and I think my Aunt Sharon will only be thrilled when I agree to wear a killer headpiece for my nuptials. When my cousin was shopping for her dress and having several fittings I was ALWAYS drooling over the blushers and beaded works of art to place atop my head. I'm gonna go Kentucky Derby for my wedding - that much I know even if I don't have a bf.

Off the subject of my future wedding and back to my happy royal happy place, can I just say that the sight of such a happy couple, so obviously in love has made me a blissfully happy girl on this lovely Friday in April. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Celebrate!

Here's just a snapshot of my favourite fascinator from today's event. People are ripping on poor Bea, but I think she owns it.

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