This Video Envy

Happy Wednesday my friends! The weather in Toronto has been lovely, with the exception of the skies opening up and dumping loads of rain on everything. Gigi was out for her walk and came home drenched. I'm lucky to be working at home today so I got to see Gigi come home with wet curls and a feisty attitude. She did laps through the living room when I tried catching her to dry her off. Now she's laying on a towel. She dislikes rain. Too bad. So sad.

Today I'm sharing with you guys my love of creative video ideas. The first is from the old friend I blogged about earlier. He used to tell me about art class in high school and now he's turing his passion into a reality. It's inspiration for those of us who wish we could get out there and do what we love. I LOVE this video because it incorporates two things that always make me happy: dogs and music. Go take a gander pals, it'll brighten your day :)

And then there's a guy I WISH was my friend strictly based on the incredible stuff he does with video and music. I swoon over this stuff and I'm hoping one day he saunters into my life in some capacity. A girl can dream, can't she? Meet Shark Pig. The gorgeous man behind this craft is destined to stardom:

So these are just a couple of my favourite things this Wednesday. They make me happy. What's made you smile today my loves?


Ashley said...

hey lady! i'm a day behind but the fact that it's friday tomorrow is making me smile! :)

hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Michaela said...

Such a cute video!! Love puppies (: