This Magazine Happiness

I have a secret. I'm Crystal and I'm a magazine-aholic. It started many years ago and although I had in under control for a few years, I recently relapsed. Yes. I fell off the wagon. I currently subscribe to two magazines. I gave two subscriptions as Christmas gifts this year and I messed up the address labels so they get delivered to my apartment. I get the U of T alumni mag. The Shoppers Drug Mart mag. The Air Miles mag. Victoria Secret...dare I go on? I've also been known to hoard issues of Us Weekly and I'm in to online magazines now also. It's a problem I think, but a problem I'm happy to have.

I can say that I recycle, so when I'm done with old issues (it takes me years to part with magazines), I do drop them in the blue box and they find their way into a life of transformation while avoiding the landfills. I'm green about it, but I'm still addicted.

My first magazine subscription was to Highlights. I was a kid and I signed up for it myself. Suddenly my mom got a bill. I learned my lesson. A few years later I asked for a subscription to YM - remember Young and Modern - after seeing a high school girl reading a copy. I was 12. She let me have her copy when she was done and I was captivated. There was so much to learn about clothes, makeup, embarrassing stories. I loved every single, glossy page.

Right now my two loves are InStyle and Style at Home. When the latest issues arrive, I take them into the bath or sprawl out on my couch and pour over every solitary page. I put stickie notes on things I want to remember and I actually do go to websites listed in the articles. I have a thirst for magazines and I'm hoping one day my writing degree will bring me to the world I love most: magazines.

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