This Mama Happy Place

It's Friday. The weekend is here and so is my happy place post. This one is a bit different though. This weekend is Mother's Day. It's always tough for me. I miss my mom everyone second of every day and knowing that people are celebrating with their moms every year makes me sad. Today though, I'm imagining how wonderful it will be when I finally get to see her again. That is my happy place...even if it's years in the future. She shows up in my dreams a lot now, but that took years. When she meets me in dreamland, I always know that she's passed away and by the end I'm sobbing and telling her how much I know I'm going to miss her.

I wrote a post a couple of years ago on the eve of the 12th anniversary of her passing. This summer will be 14 entire years I've spent without my mom. Almost half my life. It doesn't seem possible. So, if you have one of those mothers or mothers-in-law that drive you absolutely insane, think about living my life for just a day and how you would feel without your mother.

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