This Sunny Monday

Ahhhhh, do you feel that? It's sunshine. I know you might not recognize it since it's been ages since we've felt true warmth on our skin. Toronto finally has some spring weather and EVERYBODY was out this weekend. Gigi spent her mornings sunning herself on the balcony while I puttered around. Jo stopped over Saturday morning and we had lattes and watched Bethenny Ever After... I was still in my nightie when Jojo surprised me with a visit. It's okay though, we were roomies in university and danced together for years and years so she's seen me in less clothing.

After Jo took off for the Jays game, Gigi and I got ready for an afternoon on Queen West. Such a good fur baby - she took her mama shopping! Here's the confession part: I should not be shopping right now and it really has been ages since I bought new shoes, but I caved this weekend. Twice. So, happy mother's day to me!!! Thanks for the great heels Gigi - you really spoil me.

Saturday night Rach came over and I made quesadillas while we watched Happy Endings. This is my new favourite show. I PVR each episode and if I had to pick a group of tv people to live with, it would be this gang. Also, their Chicago condos are massive compared to my teensy Toronto dwelling so hanging out with them would be a nice change. Penny, if you're reading this, let's be best friends.

Rach and I met Jo and Tim (Jojo's beau) on King for a live art installation. I should have taken pictures but I was surrounded by real photographers and artsy people so I felt like a tool. But, if I HAD taken pictures, I'd include them below:

Yesterday was a lazy day. I did some volunteering judging for The Learning Partnership. I read through submissions of student run ventures, most of which donated their proceeds to charity. Then Gigi and I spent some time outside. She's not really in to the dog park. We go and I'm always hoping she'll run around and make friends, but she's usually sniffing trees by herself or sitting beside me. We did meet two adorable mini poodles and I was hoping she'd form a bond, but after a few minutes of spastic chasing games, she was over it. We left. Watched some more PVR and then I read a magazine in bed before passing out.

Mother's Day doesn't really make me sad anymore, but I was missing my mom all day long. That's every day of my life though, so yesterday wasn't much different. I thought about what I would have been doing if she were still alive and figured we'd be at the garden centre. Although I get my love of gardening from her, I didn't get her skill. Most of my flowers die or the dogs eat them :)

I hope you all spoiled your mamas yesterday. Some of my cousins checked in on me and it was wonderful to know I wasn't the only person thinking about my mom yesterday - they miss their Aunt Patty too. Love you guys xoxo

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