This is What Dreams are Made of

It's here friends. Summer is finally here and my hair being looped into a bun for the next three months is proof. You'd think maybe I'd chop my hair since it's long and thick and I'm always hot, but oh no...been there, done that, bought the tshirt and spilled the tears of hair regret. I have a new rule for myself: my hair must always be at a minimum, able to get picked up into a pony. Any shorter is too short and I'm so dang lazy about styling it, that short, chic 'dos are just too much maintenance for me. And just so you know, all those celebs rocking the ombre (dark roots fading to lighter ends) got that style from me. I've been doing it for years.

Anyway know you're all really interested in my hair, but since this is people/relationships Tuesday, I thought I'd stick to the plan...except as I type this I have no idea what I actually want to write about. I'm not a blogger who writes drafts and does a lot of planning. Although I'm very organized in life, writing is something that just happens for me. As a wee girl I was always writing stories, reading books and dreaming of being a writer when I grew up. I also wanted to be a ballerina, star on Full House, live in Palm Springs (because they talked about it on 90210)and be rich. Here's what I've accomplished to date: I graduated from the University of Toronto with a writing degree and I spend my days writing training for a financial institution. Not exactly the glamorous stuff I dreamed of years ago, but it's still writing. So, let's talk about going after your dreams.

A while back I wrote about the stuff I dream about for my life. Now, have I gone after my dreams since then? Nope. Do I still wonder if I'm headed down the right path? Certainly. Am I happy? Yes. I'm really happy in fact and I'm blessed to work in a place I'm actually happy to drive to each day. My team is fantastic and I have room to be creative each day. I do wonder though if there's a career out there for me that I haven't searched for yet. Oprah talks about this stuff all the time and it's not a big secret. You'll find peace and happiness when you're doing what you're sent to earth to do. I'm not talking alien missions or anything, but the stuff we're blessed to be able to share. Right now, I think I'm in exactly the right place. I have a fulfilling job, a blog where I'm able to flex my creative writing skills and the opportunity to spread happiness and cheer. I don't want to gag you all with happy faces and smileys and cheerleader stuff, but I do feel I can offer you a glimpse into how I'm able to find the happy in each day. Hopefully, you take something away from this blog and if not, I'm thrilled you stopped by.

I want to send you over to a place that makes me happy and always gives me a laugh, my sweet blogger friend Ashley's space at Run With Me. Her "I must confess" post from yesterday made me laugh and I asked her to move from Atlanta to Toronto to be my friend. In fact, it made me think maybe I could add a similar thing to my blog. I'm always out here having a freggin' happiness parade when sometimes I'm glum and I feel like a fraud. Yes, my goal is to share my life with you guys and show you that we can make ourselves happy if we try, but sometimes I'm sitting behind the computer doing my best Oscar the Grouch. It's true. Major Gal gets sad from time to time and has some confessions about NOT loving things (pretty much the opposite of my "This is making me happy Wednesdays").

Here's my first confession: I used to bite my nails. I currently pick on my left pinkie finger. The nail is so short I often bandage it up to hide it from myself and other people. When my hands aren't doing something else, I'm usually picking at my nails. See? I'm not perfect and ugly fingernails make me unhappy. To cheer myself up though, I bought three new polishes and a nail art pen at the dollar store yesterday. I'll spruce these babies up and give myself happy hands again!

What do you have to confess to Major Gal?


Ashley said...

your comment MADE my dad....i want to be besteis and come to Toronto too!

yay for summer! what nail polish shades did you get?

Major Gal said...

besties forever and across borders :)

I got dim sum plum and one of the pale purples from the Pirates of the Caribbean line from OPI (okay, those weren't from Dollarama). I got a white one and a nail pen of blue and green. not sure what i'm gonna do with them, but i think they'll be fun.