This Is My Confession

These confession posts keep popping up in the blogs I follow and I really like them. So, here's some stuff I should confess.

1) I made a latte this morning. At lunch my boss bought me a venti iced bevie at Starbucks. I don't want to waste it, but I feel like ralphing from all the java.

2)I have performance anxiety related to math. I could never be a waitress. I can't make change. I can barely add 2 + 2 when asked.

3)I didn't start driving until I was 18 and my friends Jenny and Joanna drove me to take the test. Jenny said "I have my mom's car tomorrow. You're getting your G1." That's a learner's permit for all you American folks.

4)Speaking of driving, I just got my first ticket. It was totally my fault. I made an illegal left hand turn downtown with an expired licence and my dog was sitting on my lap. First time I was pulled over in more than 10 years so that's not too bad!

5)I PVR The Young and the Restless every day and it makes me so happy to watch it at night. It's one of my favourite shows.

6)I love Britney Spears. Always have. Always will.

7)I am or I guess was, an extremely jealous person. I think getting older has helped me grow out of that, but I still don't like any gals buzzing around my man...when I have one.

8)I have a great time shopping at Dollarama. I get a cart and I feel so satisfied buying so much stuff for so little money.

9)I love water and swimming, but haven't dove into a pool since I was 11. I'm too scared to try now. I'm 29. I really want to learn to dive.

10)I bit all my nails yesterday. My hands look gross. I'm not sure why I did it. I was bored I guess.

11)I'm a crazy dog lady. In the span of 5 months I got three puppies. I still have all three of them and I adore them. None of them fit in my purse, but they are all small.

12)I'm considering starting a Twitter account for my fur baby, Gigi. I follow two hilarious dog accounts and each day I get one step closer to tweeting and blogging on Gigi's behalf. Check out @CharlesSpeaks and @BestinShowFloyd for a laugh.

13)I know that numbers 11 and 12 will annoy a few of my followers. You know who you are. You've admitted to me that you don't enjoy the dog stuff, but I can't help myself. I am sorry.

14)I like cleaning out sink drains.

15)I love vacuums - especially powerful ones. This Saturday I was a little overzealous with the vacuum and sucked two letters off the keyboard on my laptop.

16)Dumb and Dumber will always be one of my favourite movies.

17)I envy bloggers with loads of followers. I have much to learn from them.

18)I wish my boobs were bigger. I'm talking massive jugs like Baywatch girls.

19)I hate talking on the phone to most people. I make exceptions for my aunts and my dad. If that's not you, just text or email me, k?

20)I visited my cousin Kate's gorgeous baby girl in the NICU last night and now I wish I was pregnant. I think I'm gonna rock a baby bump one day.


Anonymous said...

Keep on posting these I love them.
FYI big jugs your big already. but ok. !!!!! I could pay for them along as I can enjoy them!

Major Gal said...

Thanks for your generosity. Who's offering to pay for these boobs?

Anonymous said...

Someone you know from a long time ago ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh did I mention you are quite sexy too. The funny thing is you will never guess who i am.

Major Gal said...

Awww shucks. Thanks for boosting my ego.

Anonymous said...

Are you single? I see you like shoes I would love to dress your feet in a pair of laboutians :)

Major Gal said...

well aren't you generous? read through my blog and you'll find out. i'm a size 8 by the way. Merci my old friend.

Anonymous said...

Where can I send these new shoes? Or we can meet for dinner?

Major Gal said...

You'll have to reveal yourself mister. At this point I don't even know who I'd be agreeing to meet.