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How much do you love concerts? How much do you live outdoor summer concerts? How much do you love getting last minute tickets to shows you've really wanted to see? I freggin' love concerts and I've been to loads. Not as much as serious music people, but definitely more than others. It's money I consider well spent. Last night was my first concert of the summer and it was at the Molson Ampitheatre. Such a great outdoor venue in Toronto. I love seeing shows there and last night was no exception. I will say though, that Ryan mentioned I didn't bring out my crazy concert scream last night. I think I was tired.

Me screaming at the NKOTBSB

The first concert I ever saw was the New Kids on the Block when I was 8 years old. I saw them again recently...21 years later and they were awesome. Tonight I'm going to see Girl Talk and it's even more exciting because it's a last minute event. I love when fun stuff happens last minute. I'm a planner, but I really dig impromptu house parties, last minute vacations and snow days :)

Some of my favourite concerts haven't been by bands that I was super interested in, but a great stage show and true talent always wins me over. I became a massive Foo Fighters fan after seeing them play at the ampitheatre years ago. It's funny, but I'd always sort of resented Dave Grohl for starting another band after Kurt's suicide (as if I was so close to them or something [what a tool I was]) and it wasn't until they released In Your Honour that I fell madly in love with Dave. I call him Dave since I'm pretty sure that's how I'll refer to him when we run away together and have beautiful babies. I'm a sucker for a guy with a great sense of humour and musical talent and I effing LOVE Dave Grohl.

Me and Rach at our first Foos concert

I had a blast at the Paul Simon concert. I adored seeing Celine Dion. I danced to every Spice Girls song on their reunion tour. I got up close to Neil Diamond. I screamed for Britney. I hollered for Pink. I drooled over Justin Timberlake. I was mesmerized by Death Cab. I wanted to become Emily Haines of Metric after seeing them last summer - somebody owes me a tambourine by the way. I met fun people at The Killers show. I was crazy impressed by Jamiroquai's huge band. I got second-hand stoned at Bush X (before and after they dropped the "X"). I was blown away by The Dixie Chicks and much more.

By no means is the above a complete list of the concerts I've been to. I haven't included the really small club shows I've seen or added how many times I've seen Dave live - I've seen him six times - but this is a flavour of how happy being in a live music environment makes me. I'm not musical. I think I survived a few months of piano lessons when I was six with a teacher who barely spoke English. I remember sitting at the piano wondering what I was supposed to do while she looked at me like "Ummm, hello? Didn't you hear what I said?" Actually, no lady, I didn't understand a bloody word. I'm six and I barely understand my own language. So my own talents are lacking but I've always loved music. My mom said that before I could talk I would try to sing along to music she had playing in the house. Music is always playing in my car and there are some songs that hold such dear memories for me that I can be teleported back to times when those songs engulfed me.

Jo and I with Galen from Tiny Danza
If you do nothing else this weekend, promise me you'll add some music to your life. Play an old song that made you happy as a kid or go see a small local band at a bar. You'll have fun. Is there music in your happy place?

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