This is Confession Thursday

There's something therapeutic about telling people who you really are. I don't keep secrets and I don't think I'm putting on a front, but that doesn't mean I tell everyone everything about me. So, here are some more fun facts (truths) about Major Gal. If you think about some of the boneheaded stuff you've done, you might get a giggle also :)

1)After brushing my teeth last night I ate pretzels at midnight while watching TMZ. I didn't brush my teeth again before going to bed.

2)A few years ago I was on Plenty of Fish. I went on a couple of dates, but otherwise it was just weird. Dudes kept asking me if I was on MSN. LAME.

3)I'm a shameless flirt. I can't help myself. I flirt with every guy I meet.

4)I slept in my mom's bed until grade 4. I was terrified of sleeping in my own room.

5)I hit the snooze button way too much. Yesterday I snoozed from 6:45am until 8:10am. Epic snoozing. I sleep more than koala bears.

6)I fall in love fast. I've jumped into relationships when I shouldn't have. I'm learning how to be more careful.

7)I'm still biting that one pinky nail. It's not looking good.

8)I buy lunch way too often at work.

9)I used to listen to Stevie B, go to Goddess nightclub and Times Square, wear Parasuco jeans and scrunch my hair. Yes. I was a gina. I also had acrylic nails.

10)If my life depended on me doing long division...we'd all be dead. Again - not good at math.

What do you have to confess today friends? I promise I won't judge ya.

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