This Disney Happy Place

As an eight year old girl, I went to Disney World for the first (and so far only) time. I'm still enraptured by it's majesty and I'm 29. I have wanted to go back for over 20 years and can't wait for the day when I return.

What isn't to love about Disney - like really? Although my bestie would disagree - she's a Mickey fan - Donald Duck made my day. I got the Daisy Duck hat and wore it proudly with my thick bangs, scruffy pigtails and scrawny legs. I was overjoyed being there. The best part: I went on my first plane ride and trip to Florida with my cousin Jen, Aunt Sharon, mama and my sweet Nanny. I still remember everything about the trip - especially the day we spent at Disney World.

We spent our time at Magic Kingdom. Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom wasn't built and since Jen and I were 8 year old girls (well, she was still 7 since her birthday wasn't for another few months), we wanted to see where Cinderella lived. Fun Major Gal fact: I got a VHS copy of Cinderella for Christmas when I was 5 and it still remains one of my favourite gifts. I felt so grown up to get my own movie. I know every word to the film and right now I'm singing "Cinderelly, Cinderelly. Night and day, it's Cinderelly." I might have to watch this movie REALLY soon. Remember how cute the birds and the mice were?

So, why do I love Donald so much? Well, he always seemed to have more personality than Mickey. He got angry, he threw tantrums, he had those pesky nephews to aggravate him, but deep down I always felt he was misunderstood. I guess I was always cheering for the underdog. Why did Mickey get all the glory? Mickey never did anything this funny.

Have you been to Disney World or Disney Land? What are your favourite memories? Did you find a happy place today?

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