These are the Days...of Major Gal

Just a quick note my sweets to say that I've changed up the schedule for The Major Gal Days of the Week. I found when I originally made the schedule, stuff seemed like a great idea, but clearly I'm not adhering to my own rules. Since they're my rules, I'm going to change them. My blog. My rules.

Michelle, from The Vintage Apple has graciously allowed me to copy her super fabulous Friday posts entitled, Dear Shoe God. Check out these babies. I feel like a moron for not having incorporated my love of shoes deeper into my blog sooner, so alas our Mondays together will henceforth (aren't I so fancy?) be known as Happy Heels Monday.

I've also decided that I'm not such a go-getter on signing people up for guest spots on my blog so my entire Thursday What Makes You Happy thing is a giant failure. I'll get back on that one day, but for now I'll be putting smiles on your faces with some Puppy Love Thursdays. Dog lovers, we can all rejoice. For those of you not so much into pups and all their awesomeness, well, come back on Friday :) This might totally end up being where I brag about Gigi on a weekly basis, but I'm thinking I'd like to feature great dog photos, dog stuff and charities. I love dogs. That is all.

Happy weekend everyone. Time for Major Gal to go buy a lottery ticket because she is having a freggin' lucky day xoxo

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