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Happy Wednesday and for all my doggie friends, #WoofWednesday. Did you know it's National Kissing Day today? I guess it only applies to the states, but should a handsome man happen to appear I might just plant a big smooch on him.

So, here are some of my favourite things this week:
1) Joe Fresh cotton/spandex tshirts from the athletic section. I honestly wear these ALL the time. I wear them to work with pencil skirts, slacks (work pants if you're not old fashioned like me), when I'm out with jeans or shorts and you can work out in them too. Also, when I was at Joe Fresh on Monday night, they had the crew neck version on sale for $5. I might have bought five, er, or so. I also got the uneck style in an olive green. I tried getting pictures of the shirts off the site...but they're more into showing what's new and not what's stocked in the stores. They're basic tees though and I love them.

2)Friendship bracelets. I'm talking the really basic ones you used to make on your own. I made loads of them. I'd go to Lewiscraft at the mall and buy packets of embroidery threads and knot away for hours. I really enjoyed making those bracelets. I want to start again. They've made a comeback recently and now they're selling on Etsy and people are getting creative with metal bracelet sections. Really though, I'm not paying more than three bucks for one of these bracelets. I adore Monika's (from The Doctor's Closet) work, but as I'm learning to budget, I shall not be purchasing one of her creations. Damn they're cute though.

3)Twitter. Seriously, if you're not on Twitter, you're missing out. Facebook just doesn't keep me interested anymore. The conversations, connections and cool stuff I've welcomed into my life since joining Twitter over two years ago is crazy. I love Facebook for connecting with old friends and family I don't see regularly, but that's it. I much prefer Twitter. The people are funnier. The things I'm learning are fantastic and the laughs I get from my timeline make my day. I'm very seriously hooked on it and have been for ages.

4)The fearlessness I feel lately. There isn't much (if anything) that scares me anymore and I used to be afraid of a tonne of stuff. Now, I show up places where I don't know anybody and I meet new people. I don't need a friend as a security blanket to enter a bar with. I go for the things I want out of life with force and strength. I'm not sitting around waiting for my life to happen for me or to me. I'm tackling this journey on my own and I feel awesome.

5)Lastly, the incredible feedback after blogging about my brother, Devin earlier this week. People I don't know have told me how brave I was to share. It's not bravery, it's honestly. Yes, I was a bit afraid that people would judge my family and I, or slap a label on us, but I can honestly say I don't care. Let the haters hate. They'll always find something to hate and they'll always throw the first stone. I'm on the other side and I don't have any rocks in my hands.

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