This Makes Me Smile

I love this weather. Although I have a sky-rocketing core temperature, nothing is better than stepping outside and feeling warmth envelope you. I love it. I love it so much in fact, that I've taken the last two days of this week off work to enjoy in the sunshine. So here's my sunshine and smile happy list for this week :)

1) The smell of suntan lotion. Wearing SPF is so important. I consider myself a vitamin D junkie and I have spent many hours laying on a beach soaking up the rays. I also spent a lot of time in tanning beds - not good. So, now I still enjoy time in the sun, but I wear stronger sunscreen and sunless tanner to boost my glow. I love the smell of anything associated with the beach.

2) In reference to number 1, I'm glad that I didn't wake up with orange palms and feet and streaky limbs after trying out a new self tanner last night. Hooray for self tanners that don't turn you into a mess.

3) Giving back to the universe. I don't want to preach, but if you're not already doing something to better mankind, you should be. If you're reading this, that means you have access to a computer so things can't be that bad. Give your time, donate old clothes, volunteer at a soup kitchen, pick up some litter, recycle. It's not hard to do and believe me, you'll feel so rewarded by it. I love volunteering. It makes me feel like a bigger part of the universe. I get a high from giving back, so get out there and do something.

4) Giving back to animals. This past Saturday, I spent the day in a kiddie pool bathing dogs for a fantastic charity called Paws for the Cause. It was blazing hot and I was having a blast. I often say to other dog owners that I like my dogs more than I like most people. Dogs are honest, forgiving and they just make you feel like the most important person on earth. Check out the photos from this fabulous event while you're on the Paws site and buy a ticket to the gala this fall!!

5) Starbucks Treat Days. Ummm, if you didn't already know, you can bring your morning receipt to any Starbucks (might only be Canadian - sorry international readers) after 2pm and get a grande drink for two bucks! I'm so effing happy about this!

6) Ordering take out. I really love ordering food to my condo and because I live alone, I can order whatever I want. I don't have to share half my pizza toppings with anyone else. I can get all bacon if I want...and I sometimes do. In fact, tonight brother is coming over and I'm super excited because I can order take out. Wonder what he wants...

7) This week on Twitter, one of my tweeps said her goal is to become a trending topic on my blog. This girl cracks me up and that was honestly the best mention I've ever had on Twitter. This girlie keeps me laughing on the daily and she's totally honest. I dig that in people. Kat - here's your first shout out #troy

8) Hashtags. In general, I'm starting to think of every situation with a hashtag attached. It's a Twitter thing, but it's taking over my life. #ilovehashtags Try adding hastags to your life, #itsfun

That's it for today my sweets. Not a super meaningful post, but my hope is that you get a giggle out of it. Think of the little things (I know I harp on this point), it's that stuff that makes us happy and we don't even know it.

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