This Relationship with Music

Are there any songs stored deep within your heart that instantly teleport you to a place years ago? I have many of these memorable songs in my arsenal and this morning I busted one out that I hadn't listed to in years. And yes, it brought me to tears. Driving with the windows down and sunroof open in the Jeep in sticky temperatures did not stop goosebumps from popping up all over my body. Music is magic.

When I was a little girl living north of Toronto with my mom, I listened to a plethora of music genres. I had my Raffi records (Baby Beluga was my fav) and my Mini Pops tapes, but often I was listening to whatever my mom was playing. I remember the exact day we went to Hillcrest Mall to buy stirrup pants, slouchy socks and George Harrison's Cloud Nine album. It was sunny that day and when we got home from the mall we changed into our new outfits and danced to my mom's current favourite song - Got My Mind Set On You.

This morning when I slid that shiny disc into my car stereo I listened to almost the entire album (and it's still great over 20 years later) before I skipped to the last song. When the first notes danced out of the car speakers and into my ears and heart, my eyes instantly welled up with tears. It wasn't because I was sad, it was because I was remembering such a happy time. Being a little girl with a single mom, I was lucky to be the centre of her universe and she was mine. I miss that feeling every single day, but feel so blessed to have spent the years I did with my mom as a feisty little girl who loved nothing more than to make her mama laugh.

Music is something that still connects me to her. There are so many songs I listen to and am thankful she introduced me to. The Ink Spots, Connie Francis, The Traveling Wilburys, Patsy Cline, The Beatles, The Eurythmics, Aretha Franklin, Tchaikovsky, Diana Ross...I could go on and on. Mom, thanks so much for expanding my musical tastes. You let me play my own music (The New Kids and Color Me Badd), but you also made sure I was exposed to music that would last a lifetime. My palette is ready for anything because you made sure I had music to fill my life with.

Listen to the music that makes you smile. Dig out your old albums and transport yourself to another time. Take yourself on a journey and let the music provide the soundtrack.

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Ali said...

toats agree with you. Music will take me places not even an air plane can go. I did a music post and my relationship with it last year. its funny how much i can relate to some of your posts. I've always read blogs about fashion, make up, design and food but never felt those were the right kind for me. Your blog is kind of what i aspire to be. I'm not the type to want to take pics of myself in different outfits just cuz i have good style. I'm more of a wise words girl. always there for my friends and spitting out genius advice that at times i may not be taking myself. But im getting there! anyways this is a long comment. Good work!