This Happy Place is Where My Friends Are

Ever have one of those long days...that drag on...and you can't remember if you fell asleep with your eyes open or not...because you are so bored? Those days occur most often in the summer when half the office is on holidays and the workload is small. I had one of those days today and yet I couldn't think of what my happy place post would be about. Until now.

Tonight my girlfriends are coming to the city for some bubbly, some blush wine and some babe scouting. We're heading to a birthday party, but before that, we're tasked with drinking my condo clean of all booze. For such a task I could only ask a very accomplished group of women. Julia and Steph to the rescue!! We're the single gals and since I'm moving in a few weeks (I don't want to talk about it, my heart is broken) I've decided that our last few weekends in the city before Jules takes off to Europe and I move to the 'burbs must be filled with fun stuff. Fun stuff like dancing around my tiny bachelorette pad to my 80s playlist, pre-drinking as if we're all still in university and broke so we can't afford drinks when we go out, having a night cap when we return to the condo and reenacting all the killer dance moves we busted out earlier and then waking up the next morning and scrolling through BBM conversations and pictures a la The Hangover to reveal the story of how the night unfolded. Yes. I'm putting it out there. We're on a mission to be irresponsible and we're going to have a complete blast while doing it.

Before you get the wrong idea about us, we're not all parties. The fun doesn't only happen when we hit the town, it's mostly fun as soon as we're all in the same place because we're so excited to see each other that none of us can shut up for five seconds as if we're cheerleaders on speed. I love it. I wish Nic was joining us tonight, but she's a married lady and has all the schtuff that comes along with that. Sadly, she doesn't join us on every adventure anymore. Nicolina, I MISS YOU!!!

Being with your friends is just a happy thing. They make you laugh - at least mine always do. They bring the happy place to where ever you need it to be and tonight, my happy place is with my girlfriends.


Kerry said...

What a great post! Friends really are such a great happy place... love spending time with my girlfriends... as much as I love spending time with B and our little munchkin!

julia said...

love this blog:) i love hangng out with my lady friends and I had a blast friday night. your the best