This Working Dog - Puppy Love Thursday

I love when the universe provides the content for my blog. This morning as I pulled out of my underground parking I stopped to watch a little curly haired black dog walking without a leash in front of his/her owner. The man was carrying a bag of groceries and a coffee. The pup was carrying a bun wrapped in a plastic baggie. That dog was so happy - the happiness was oozing out of every pore. Wagging tail and looking back at daddy often as if to say, "Isn't this awesome? You get your morning coffee and I get to help you carry the groceries. I'm so happy." That little pup was having a great morning.

Dogs like to know they have purpose. They want to work for us. Remember the Neo Citran dog? Growing up I wanted a gentle giant like the one in these commercials to come to my house when I was sick. Big dogs that bring medicine are way better than doctors, right?

Certain breeds of dogs are bred to work. For a list of some of these incredible dogs, check out this link. I read a lot of the Dog Whisperer's stuff and when Gigi was just a puppy I was consumed by raising the perfect dog. I read that dogs can and love to carry backpacks on walks because they instantly have a sense of purpose. So, I went out and bought a tiny doggie backpack. I was amazed at how Gigi's attitude and stride changed when she wore that backpack. It was perfect - she held my keys, her own treats and she was so proud of herself. Then this one time, I jammed the buckles in wrong and got the bag stuck on my poor pup. That was the last time we used the bag after cutting it off poor Gigi. I'm thinking I should get another one though as Gigi has been losing focus on her walks. She's wandering all over and doesn't get up to a quick pace like she used to.

Have a great puppy love Thursday everyone.

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