This Bestie Happy Place

Tonight I'm going to Meg's house for pizza and laughs. Meaghan and I have been best friends since grade 6. We're exactly two weeks apart in age and this girl makes me laugh!! The first time we really met we were cleaning up after a school function and we ate sugar cubes. This brought on serious hyperactivity and then I realized how funny Meaghan is. I might have been on a sugar high and maybe she wasn't that funny...but I doubt it. This chick still makes me laugh whenever I talk to her.

I've written about my happy place being with my friends and it's so true that I just needed to write especially about Megs. When my mom passed away, Meaghan didn't leave my side for days. She was the first person I called when my aunts and dad told me the news. She cried before I did - that's how close we were/are. She wasn't just sad for me, she was mourning the loss of her best friend's mother whom she adored. She still talks about my mom and it's so wonderful to share that with her. Megs, I love you and I can't wait to see you tonight! xoxo

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