This is Me Saying "Thanks"

To my readers the world over: thank you. When I feel like nobody cares about what I write here, I check out my audience and find that I have readers in places I've never even heard of and I'm so grateful.

Please let me know who you are. Each of you is so special to me. You're the reasons why I keep this going (albeit spotty at times). If I didn't have my readers, this would just be a journal I post online. Thanks for inspiring me xoxo



Lena! said...

Hi Crystal! I don't always have a chance to comment (okay I lied; I'm just really bad at it) but I do love stopping by! xxoo

jamie said...

I am a reader. Keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

I don't remember posting any comments on the topic about yr. brother during Toronto Pride. So it wasn't me.

Secondly, isn't the fun in not knowing the anonymous who posts some comments on how well you can define Happiness...

Lovely, time resolves most things.

We can also think Anything is Possible!