This Gold Status

So, I got perhaps my favourite email ever recently. Yes folks, I am now a GOLD level Starbucks card holder. Well, the card hasn't arrived yet but it's on its way. Whether or not the perks are any good at this rewards level doesn't really matter to me. I'm just so thrilled that after ten years of devoted java gulping, Starbucks is finally recognizing me in some way. Honestly, I should have my freggin' picture on the wall in some locations for the amount of times I visit there daily. Yes daily. Don't judge me.


When I was in New York City recently the Starbucks across from my hotel was enormous. Nestled in Times Square by The W Hotel was the biggest Starbucks I had ever been in. The service was impeccable and honestly, I was in awe of my surroundings. I really do love Starbucks. I even have Starbucks ornaments on my Christmas tree.

It's the little things people. What's making you smile today?


butta said...

What! you got a welcome to gold status email? Why didn't i get it!! OH NOOO!! Am i not going to receive the Gold card? I'm sad. My email is updated and I emailed them asking why I didn't receive the welcome email they said ti could take a few weeks.. but its already been 3 weeks. I'm sad.

Major Gal said...

Well, since I'm such a big deal over at Starbucks, I could probably make a call for you ;) thanks for the comment xo