This is the Christmas Kick-off

Well, if I'm being honest with you guys, I didn't wait until December 1st to get festive. Nope, not this girl. My little pink tree has been up for a couple of weeks and I'm itching, ITCHING I tell you to decorate the rest of the house.

Two weeks ago a coworker busted me listening to Christmas music. For me, the season starts when you get home from trick or treating. Yes, October 31st. For two glorious months I listen to holiday music. I plan out the treats I will bake. I drool over new decorations and colour schemes for my trees. Plural trees. Every part of the house deserves to be aglow with its very own tree. If my bathroom was big enough I'd toss one in there too and greet it each morning happily. "Well hello there tree. Lovely to see you this morning." That's what I'd say.

Getting back to Sanetown, what have you done so far to get festive? Do you have traditions you'd like to share? For me, it's the spirit of the season that means the most. I'm so new puppy, rainbow and lollipops happy during the holidays and I feel like everyone else is too. It's such a wonderful feeling.

If I could round up enough lights, this is how my house would look. Christmas a la Griswold.
If you haven't seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation more than 10 times in your life, you're missing out. So many great lines - many of which are exchanged in normal conversation between my girlfriends and I.

That's a bit of what Christmas means to me :)

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