This Christmas Card

Did you know I've never mailed out Christmas cards? Nope. Not once. I do however write cards out for my friends, family, coworkers and special people in my life each holiday and pass them out when I see everyone. I love cards. I really do. It's part of my paper/stationery/pen/writing obsession. Beautiful papers and notebooks are gorgeous to me and the Christmas cards I hand out always reflect me in some way. Usually, they have lots of glitter, so that's always fun.

A couple of years ago, my dear friend, Nicole, opened an invitation/paper goods business. She and her business partner helped me design my holiday cards. I hung on to them for two years and finally gave my last one away this season. They were so pretty and I really loved them so much. If you're looking for absolutely stunning cards, invites and much more, please stop by Plume Paperie's whimsical website and place an order.

One year I found adorable cards with a girl and a little dog at Walmart. The design was fun and pink, so I loved them.

Three years ago I bought magical pale blue and gold glitter cards from Papyrus. I have one left, but no envelope. I might just save it and gaze at it forever. Honestly, I love them that much.

This week at Chapters I grabbed two packs of cards I had seen earlier this month and now that they're 30% off I decided to treat myself. Yes, buying pretty cards is a treat to me.

Earlier this season I had seen these Peanuts cards at a grocery store. I actually stopped mid-stride and stared at them. It was right after my cousin put me on a strict budget, so I passed by the cards...until last week when I saw them again and they were on sale. Guess what I'm giving out this year? That's right. Cards with Snoopy and the entire gang. If you're just popping over for the first time, I should probably tell you that I'm madly in love with Charlie Brown - especially at the holidays.

Some of my favourites have been cards from other people. Like this beauty my bestie, Rach got me this year. Isn't Frosty so handsome with all his jewels?

My friends Stef and David gave me a sweet little red card and inside wrote "To the most festive person we know." I know I've already blogged about earning that title, but it honestly thrills me so much that I had to include it again.

Jenny and Ryan passed out amazing colourful cards when I saw them a couple of weeks ago. Love them. They're fab. The cards and the couple ;)

Whether or not you hand out cards, I hope you get some really great ones this year. The more glitter, the better. And if you did send some out, I hope you spent time writing something special to each person. It's a little touch that can make a lot of difference. Maybe instead of the back of the card pile you'll get a place on the mantle. It could happen.

This year I'm making my dad a card by hand. I found great paper (avec sparkle) in a blue to match the colour of his Maple Leafs - we're Canadian and live outside Toronto - and found some great little scrapbooking thingeys. I'm not as crafty as I'd like so I don't know the official name of the "thingeys" but I know they're gonna look rad. Yep, almost 30 and I'm making my dad a Christmas card by hand. The thing is - he'll really love it. He still has cards I made him as a kid.

Are you guys almost ready for Christmas? Brother and I had a DIY adventure last night into the wee hours of the morning. Let's say we learned a valuable lesson: be creative and change tactics when your original plans crumbles. More on that later...

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