This is Christmas in the 60s

There are few pictures I love more than this one of my mama when she was a wee girl. Taken at the Toronto Eaton Centre in (I'm guessing) 1966, it's a photograph that I treasure. What really gets me is the look on her face.

I've seen this face. I've seen it in the mirror. I've seen it on my baby sister. I've seen it years ago on my mama. It fully says "I'm less than impressed here and will not smile."

I didn't smile in pictures until I was in my teens. I felt silly smiling in photos as a little girl. Weird, I know.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post sissy. It is true, I don't tend to fully smile. I never knew that mama did that, so I am very happy that I get it from somewhere, especially from somebody so wonderful! Ilu.