This is the Christmas Spirit Tree

I've heard a bit of buzzing about a Christmas tree in Union Station, Toronto being powered by Christmas spirit. I didn't really clue in to what that meant until today and lemme tell ya....I've already tweeted at the tree a couple of times and now I'm devoting this post to it. This idea is genius, wonderful, magical and oh so very Christmassey. #CTXmas

I've got the live feed of the tree up on my monitor to give me that special Christmas feeling while I'm at my desk. It reminds me of the classic quotation from It's a Wonderful Life - "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings" and a favourite of mine, from Elf - "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." So, we're not ringing any bells and it's best for everyone that I don't sing, but I can tweet, blog and Facebook all about this incredible Christmas Spirit Tree to watch the lights glow and all the while I'll be happy happy :) In this case, every time you tweet, blog or post something to Facebook about Christmas, a social media contraption (that's my technical term) finds the post and somehow it powers the lights on the tree. Since I'm very technical I'm sure you're all fully aware of what I mean with that explanation. If not, read here about how it works. It's truly such a fantastic idea and a great way of uniting people during the holidays.

By the way, on Friday night I was at a little fete with my high school girlfriends and my friends Stef and David gave out Christmas cards. In mine they wrote, "To the most festive person we know." I. Die. I. Have. Always. Wanted. This. Title.

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