This Festive Favourite Stuff

I'll tell you a little something about me - I dig Christmas. Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year in fact. Better than my birthday, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and Canada Day. It's the anticipation that Christmas still isn't quite here. That happiness and excitement. Everyone is looking forward to giving gifts to the ones they love, eating incredible holiday feasts, getting all merry and stuff.

Generally I start dispensing my wish list in October. This year all I wanted was my bathroom renovation to be finished before Christmas. I told my dad that Santa Claus doesn't visit messy houses and that we needed to get that bathroom straightened up pronto. Yes Major Gal, there really is a Santa. The proof is in my newly built bathroom - ahead of Christmas.

So, now that my big item has arrived, I wanted to share some of my favourite things and a few items off my mental Christmas list. I call it "mental" because I haven't shared it with anyone - it's just stuff I'm mentally noted in my head that I'd like.

1. Shout out to Pink Lou Lou for this idea. When my hair dresser and I began our love affair almost a decade ago, she asked me how I wanted my hair styled after the cut and highlights to which I replied "tease if big like I live in Texas." So, I like volume and body in my mane. When PLL blogged about wanted a teasing brush, I knew I had to have one. I texted my brother and baby sister and told them to spread the news that I was hoping Santa would bring me a teasing comb. Visions of a sky high coif are running through my head...

2. One of my absolute favourite things about Christmas is my pink tree. I love it. I can't help myself but to gaze at it. I wish I could keep it up all year.

3. My new Charlie Brown Nativity set makes me smile each time I look at it. Woodstock is baby Jesus. Snoopy is a lamb. Linus is sucking his thumb as a shepherd. The whole gang is there and I effing adore it.

4. Christmas parties! Umm, hello? Is anything better than an opportunity to wear glitter, sparkly jewellery, eat cookies sans guilt and gab with all your closest friends? No. No there is not.

5. Christmas movies. I have a long list of favourites, but at the top is Home Alone.

6. Having a billion things to do and getting them all done while you're on the brink of exhaustion, dreading another trip to the mall, but being happy when you get there because it's so effing cheery and busy and you know that this time of year really is the best. Plus, seeing some of the genius/illegal parking jobs at the mall during the holidays is always good for a laugh. I have new found energy throughout December. I can stay up well past midnight baking cookies, wrapping gifts and cleaning and in the morning I'm not at all cranky because this is my favourite time of year.

7. Being crafty. This year Major Gal is on a budget. That means I've had to be creative when it comes to gifts. I saw a Kate Spade bow ring somewhere online and instantly knew I could make a festive version of it for my girlfriends. Cut to me in Michaels for two hours with my aunt hunting for the perfect ribbon (which we didn't find so I switched designs) and then almost gluing my fingers together later that night while my dogs tried to "help" me assemble the rings.

8. Perfume. I love perfume all year round because I think there's such artistry in the bottles. This year I'm coveting Prada Candy. I got a sample at Holts this fall and I'm savouring the last spritzes until I can snag myself a bottle.

9. Festive clothing. On Saturday night on my girls' weekend I had planned to wear a sequined skirt. Alas, it was not nearly as cute as this baby from Joe Fresh. Paired with black tights and a blank tank (all proudly Joe Fresh and CANADIAN) I got festive with a gold piece in my outfit. Oh ya, the skirt was an early pressie from Papa. I asked for a new outfit for my weekend and he gave me cashola to go buy the skirt. Major Gal is spoiled and she knows it.

10. A quick getaway with three of my besties this past weekend. We're getting older and it cracks me up. We all passed out after dinner and didn't get to the venue until midnight. We were tame. No bail money was needed. Nobody lost their purse. We did capture all the best moments on an instant camera and I'm going to turn the pictures into a collage for the girls. We had some gems. On the trip to Niagara Julia and I were allowed to play one Christmas cd. Nicole was navigating and she plays Grinch to our Elf. She said no singing, clapping or snapping in the car. We obeyed...sort of ;)

What's getting you into the spirit this season? Are you all set for Santa?

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