This Pop Princess

It's a big day people, as if you didn't already know. It's Brit's birthday and since I consider myself a dear friend of hers (okay, we've never met), I thought it only appropriate that I devote today's post to the girl who sang and danced her way into my heart when I was 16.

Although you're more likely to catch me belting out Foo Fighters' lyrics in my Jeep these days, over a decade ago (and really until like a few years ago) I was happily prancing around to Britney Spears music. I loved her. I worshipped her. I went to her shows whenever she came to Toronto. My dorm room was covered in her posters. I wanted to be her. She made me happy. My friend Jo and I truly believed that if Brit met us, she would totally want to be besties with us. For Jo's 19th birthday I bought her the Britney Spears doll.

I can't say I've listened to her last couple of albums, but she still has a special place in my heart. Brit was the soundtrack to my late teens and early twenties. She was with me when I did crunches - and pictured her flat stomach for inspiration. She sang along with me in my first car. She got me moving on a dance floor.

When she spiralled outta control a few years ago, I had her back. I felt bad for her truthfully. I'm not a fair weather fan. I might not be as top 40 as I was years ago, but I'll still proudly say I love that Britney Bitch.

Confession: I probably taught myself every move to the Slave video. I might have dressed like her at times. And maybe I tried really hard to sing like her.

Other confession: I'm not even ashamed of this post.

What's your guilty pleasure? Do you secretly love the Biebs? Do you wish The Macarena was still a hit sensation? Come on, you can tell me :)


Jo said...

This brings back so many great memories! Thanks Crystal! Brit love forever!

Jen Woodall said...

I've seen NKOTB six times in concert. Six.

Major Gal said...

Jo - remember watching the Superbowl because Brit was performing in the halftime show and doing crunches? seriously...why isn't she our friend yet?

Jen - I've seen Dave Grohl six times. I feel you girl.