This is HUGE

I love Live! With Kelly. Love love love it. I also love - and by "love" I mean I want to be besties with  - Chelsea Handler (reading her books I laugh so hard I can't catch my breath). Then there's the ex-ballerina in me who still wishes she were a dancer and so I'm a Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) fanatic. Today, cohosting with Kelly Ripa is Miss Carrie Ann Inaba - a judge on DWTS. Once I wrapped my head around the fact that three of my fave gals would all be on the same set today, I tweeted about it. I also love Twitter, but that's another post for another time.

Now, I tweet fairly often and I find my Twitter feed to be a bit of a news source for me. The type of news I like anyways - which stars had wardrobe malfunctions, where the hot restaurants in Toronto are, etc. Fun stuff. So, let me tell you, when I was retweeted by Live! today....I let out a shriek so shrill only dogs could hear it. Big smiles. Dancing. Changing of the BBM status. The works. I also might have retweeted that I was retweeted by a celeb...sue me, I'm excited.

Today has been my biggest day on Twitter to date. I've also had a mention from Chelsea Handler after tweeting that I prefer Chelsea Lately to the 11pm news, so like, we're basically best friends now. That's TWICE she's seen my avatar and I know she's sending tickets to her show and a private plane to pick me up and then I'll stay at her cool house in L.A. and we'll laugh and tell inappropriate jokes and then paparazzi will hide in the bushes and the tabloids will read "Twitter "it" Girl Seen with Chelsea Handler." It could happen.

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