This Heroic Schnauzer - Puppy Love Thursday

How smart is your dog? No really. If you needed help - if your life depended on it - would your dog know how to save you? As fur parents we think our dogs are smart, and these signs of genius start mere seconds after we bring them to their forever home. It's like parents thinking their children are super intelligent and the most gorgeous offspring in the universe. In most cases, we're blinded by love and that's how it should be.
This adorable westie is a service dog. With a smile like that, I had to share the picture.

I love my baby Gigi, but I wouldn't bet my life on her being able to bring me the phone to call 911 in an emergency. We haven't worked on that trick yet ;) The adorable service dog I'm about to introduce you to, however, did rescue his foster mom after she suffered a terrible fall. Read his story here in the Huffington Post Canada.

Have any of you considered becoming foster parents to dogs in need or training service dogs?

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