This Much is True - Dump Him.

Hopefully I can't be sued for using those song lyrics as a title for this post and if I do get sued, well, good luck getting any money from me. Anyways, I've been thinking lately about a friend of mine. She's in one of those dreaded relationship storms. The guy is bad news. She knows it. Everyone who loves her is telling her so, but she's still scared to make a change. This change would be significant mind you, so I 100% see why she's flip flopping on it. However, having come out the other side of the dark, bad, painful relationship tunnel, I know how good it is on the other side. Girlfriends, I want to share some insights as well as a previous post that has resonated with the right people. Who are the right people, you ask? The people who needed those words the very minute I started writing them. That's always my goal. I hope that if nothing else, when you visit Major Gal you get a dose of more than you want, but exactly what you need.

Here is what I'm offering you: a chance to shed the tears you need to while giving you a glimpse of the strength we both know is already within. Read this and remember a good guy won't let you go, but the right guy would never give you a reason to leave in the first place.

Jan 23 update
A big thanks for the comments and positivity. Sometimes even a great girl needs a confidence boost to get out of a less than amazing situation xoxo


Anonymous said...

I agree. We all take the people in our lives for granted at times, though you should never stick around being someone's doormat. http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/the-landmarks-of-healthy-relationships/
Some of the articles are helpful. I've learned a lot.

Anonymous said...

Found a lot of the posts helpful for these situations. Your friend has to find her breaking point if she is flip flopping. Took me awhile to find mine. Its never worth being someone's doormat, he should know what he has.

Lexi said...

It is the absolute worst to watch a friend struggle through an unhappy relationship! If you're not utterly happy with the person you're with, they're not right for you. End of story.
♡ Lexi
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