This Valentino Bow - Happy Heels Monday

The sun is shining in Toronto and it smells like spring. Spring weather means shoving your winter wardrobe to the back of the closet (or packing it away and hanging up all your summer clothes - I'm a hoarder) and hitting your favourite nail salon - mine is A Perfect Pinky in Aurora, Ontario - for a much needed pedicure. Why should you get your toes pampered at the first sign of sunshine you ask? Because it's peep-toe shoe season. Bring on the comfy flip flips, preppy Sperrys, cute wedges and fierce open-toe pumps. In short, this is my favourite footwear season.

If I could live in a climate that never required socks, I'd be stoked. Never mind that my toes aren't lookin' so cute these days...I'll have to visit my Pinky girls asap. That being said, I have big plans for footwear this season and I want to introduce you to the Valentino works of art that bestie and I found this winter for her wedding - they're worth getting married for. Everyone, please meet the most sculptural footwear with stunning artistry ever created: the Valentino Couture Platform Bow Pump.

Bestie tried these ones on in a gorgeous sangria punch colour for size, but opted for the nude. I did what every MOH/bestie should do and talked her in to them after sending her a fiance a warning text that he'd have to pay the mortgage that month because I planned on bankrupting the bride for her wedding shoes. As for bridal footwear, did you go traditional white satin for your nuptials or did you do accent shoes? My cousin wore hot pink heels for her reception. Clearly, we're related.

I will admit that I met a relative of these shoes at a wedding in 2009. There were adorned with crystals and gems and I photographed them after exchanging emails strictly devoted to shoes with the bride. To top it off, the bride is a mega babe so of course she had killer shoes for her big day.

 The shoes
Pier and Emma - the bride and groom. Seriously, have you ever seen a more gorgeous couple?

Back to shoes......
And really, is there anything sweeter than a blush, patent pump with a bow? Major Gal doesn't think so.

And then these. Like how is a girl supposed to save for her future if gorgeous shoes like these keep finding me? I'm seriously a sucker for patent leather and aqua. I guess it's the tap dancer and water sign in me.

Bestie's wedding is five weeks away and today I begin the no carb diet. Mama has to slip this bod into a bikini for these nuptials so until I return from the Mayan Riviera, there will be no carbs. I'm thinking that if I blog about it and tweet about it and tell everyone I see that I'm not eating carbs, that somehow I'll be shamed into sticking to it. Sounds normal, right?

Pink satin with nude trim and gold sole? Hey yo!!!! On a related note, I dreamt on Friday night that my wedding (my non-existent, in my dreams wedding) was pink and gilded gold theme. Really gorgeous btw.

Ooootaaaay, that's enough shoe porn for today.

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