This is Brill - Puppy Love Thursday

I'm not reinventing the wheel over here, but hopefully this Tumblr of hilarious commentary between a dog and his fur daddy make you smile. Confession: I have been randomly calling out "Batdog!" lately. You'll understand after you read a few texts from this dog. If you manage to read through these and not burst out laughing, you win a prize and that prize is not having a sense of humour. I apologize in advance for some smut - it seems the dog and his owner curse ;)

On a related note, it got me thinking about a certain canine gentleman I fell in love with and blogged about last summer. Meet Charles.

He can be reached via Twitter at @CharlesSpeaks. He has more followers than he follows. He also has a blog. I tried to arrange a date for Charlie and Gigi but it never happened.

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Catherine Fishback said...

So funny. I love love dogs and always wish they could speak.

Cute blog!

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