This Major Gal in the City

A few years ago, the girls and I went to the first Divas in the City event at Cheval on King Street. We took a belly dancing lesson, snagged loot bags, had some bevies, cruised the tables, got our palms read and partied. It was (as usual) a fabulous night out with my girlfriends. Cut to this summer. Today actually - when I'm blogging about an event - and then Thursday, June 14 when I'll be dancing my hiney off and meeting lots of successful young women from the GTA. It'll be the third annual Divas in the City event. Ummmm, where does the time go?

Anyways, this year I'm thrilled to be a media sponsor, so please check it out ("it" being the event website), buy a ticket and have a blast while being a part of a truly great night: powerful young women, networking and socializing - the stuff we do best! Fun story: I learned about the media sponsor gig through Facebook. Oh the things you learn on the interweb :) And speaking of ze face, here's the link to the event page over on Zuckerberg's site.


Here's me after the asymmetrical bob incident of 2009 trying to shake it during the dance demo. I've lost my moves. Jenny and Jo are both in this shot avec moi.

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