This Happy Stuff - Arthur 2011

I watched a movie the night before I left for bestie's wedding. I browsed through Bell Fibe and thought, "Why not give the Arthur remake a go?" I wasn't expecting much. I love Russell Brand and knew I'd get a giggle, but I pretty much selected the flick because I was still packing and was enjoying several mimosas in celebration of bestie's impending nuptials. I wanted something I wouldn't need to concentrate on.

Here we are, a few weeks later and I've watched this move about five times. No, it's not an Oscar winner. Yes, it's silly. You will laugh. You will smile. It's just happy stuff and The Batmobile is in it, so that's kosher in my books.

I'm in to feel-good flicks. Simple movies with happy endings and pretty people. I don't want to sit through cool, indie art house films with no plot. Maybe I'm shallow, but I'll spend my viewing time on stuff that makes me happy. I'm not trying to be anything I'm not here. I've also watched Legally Blonde like a billion times. Judge away...

My favourite scenes in the movie are shared between Brand and his nanny, Hobson. Played by the insanely hot Helen Mirren,  Hobson is no-nonsense and loves Arthur because of the childlike gaze he casts on the world. It warms my heart and seriously, I quote lines from these scenes constantly now.


Watch these scenes and then go rent the movie. Question: do people rent movies anymore? Is that still a thing?

It's not all bad news...

Hello Arthur...

I can't find my favourite scene :( Arthur sits in his bathtub and uses binoculars to look at the people walking through New York City. He points out people who look like other people. I'm butchering how hilarious this game is but when Arthur calls out "Hobson! You're missing Asian you!" I DIE! 

What's making you happy these days my loves? Share with me!

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