This Money Raising - 2012 Scotiabank Rat Race for United Way

Hey my loves! A quick post and plea for all your cash. Gimme your millions. I need 'em for a run I'm doing for the United Way. On June 14th me and my coworkers will lace up and wear rat ears (yes, I'm serious) in the Rat Race for United Way. Scotiabank puts the event on each year, but lots of other organizations take part. This will be my first run/walk in...years. Rach and I did the Terry Fox Run as youngsters (okay, we were probably 22 or something) and those 10km RUINED us for days. I actually called in sick to work the next day and then had to alternate ice and heat on my legs and back for days before I could move from a sitting position. Totally worth it though. We also did a 5km Santa Shuffle for The Salvation Army a few years back before Christmas and that was my first RUN run. I still remember my time: 34 minutes and 28 seconds. I didn't train at all. I ran around my block one time the night before the run and then just went for it. Anyways, enough bragging about my athletic endeavours...I need your money. Cash money baby. It's for a great cause and honestly, even five bucks makes a difference. I appreciate anything you can give and there's probably a tax receipt, so that's fun (and an incentive).

Here's the link to my page. Please give whatever you can xoxo

2012 Scotiabank Rat Race for United Way

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