This Royal Tea - Puppy Love Thursday

Greetings lads and lassies. We're back from Mexico and this weekend is full of fun stuff. Weddings, friends, dog tea party at a swank Toronto hotel. Doesn't everybody take their dog to invite-only tea parties in fancy hotels where costumes are mandatory? No? Weird...

 Anyways, Sunday afternoon Princess Lily Flower of Aurora and I will be accompanying Sir Moose of Leslieville and his lady-in-waiting to high tea at the King Eddie. I have to make a costume. I already bought little hair clips for my sweet bichon and am hoping to turn an old pink tutu into something...princess-ey. For the record, I don't dress my dogs up. (Hi Luc!) Not unless it's frigid outside and they risk freezing solid in mere minutes and maybe it's pretty funny to watch Gigi gallop/try to flick her booties off in the winter, but that's it. No more! Hopefully Lily has a great time. Gigi was the original attendee but she's not so much into other dogs and a room of 70 canines, plus loads of people, coupled with wearing a costume so baby sister suggested I bring Lil in Gigi's place. I think it's best for everyone involved.

I'll take some pictures and show them off next week. Keep your eye on my Twitter feed Sunday afternoon for the antics. In other dog news, fur baby got her hair did on Tuesday morning. She looks so sweet I could quit my job and snuggle her all day. Not really, but in a perfect world perhaps.

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