This Vegetarianism

I read a book (well, most of it anyways) called Skinny Bitch a few summers ago. I thought it'd be a diet, healthy lifestyle book with a snarky tone. Right up my alley. It wasn't. It was basically pages and pages of shaming women into losing weight by becoming vegan. Not my thing. I had a special place in my heart for bacon and ain't no way I was giving it up. I closed the book and haven't opened it since.

Today, I'm in my 4th week of vegetarianism and I feel fantastic. Like, really good. I'm not extreme. I am not a vegan. I drink milk and I eat cheese and if I'm being honest, I ate fish twice in Mexico. Like, if I'm giving up Big Macs you better believe I'm going to eat my share of gouda, sharp cheddar and brie. My decision to stop eating meat and fish had everything to do with my heart and nothing to do with my diet. If pigs are smarter than dogs and I have three dogs whom I consider my babies, I'm a bit of a douche for eating little piglets. So I changed that.

 I read an article in The Toronto Star a few weeks back and it changed me. Part of my commute from the city takes me along Lake Shore and I'd see truck loads of pigs being brought to a slaughter house. I'd turn my head. I'd say a prayer for them. I'd feel guilty and then I'd go eat a breakfast sausage sandwich. The article I read upset me so I woke up and realized that I could no longer be a part of the problem. I love animals and I was a hypocrite. If I loved animals, I should love them all. So I gave up meat. No more tuna melts. No more steaks or burgers. No more lasagna. Sure, there's things I miss already and know I'll miss in the future, but not for one second have I regretted this decision.

 I'm not here to tell you you're cruel for eating meat. Not at all. It has to be your decision and for a long time I teetered on whether or not I could do it and now I know I can and how easy it is. It's like a carb free-for-all now. I have pasta all the time and I LOVE IT! I had a mishap this weekend with a plate of penne alla vodka at my friend's wedding, but that's life. I get it.


If you're thinking about going veg, do some research. Your community likely has wonderful resources for you. I tweeted about my decision and received really positive feedback and support instantly. Meet one of my pals in this journey Be Veg Canada. The Toronto Vegetarian Association is another one. Follow them on Twitter @TorontoVeg.


Megan said...

Hey, I say that if you're happy, then good for you! That's what really matters! My dad is vegan and it makes him feel so so good! I personally won't ever give up meat, but I certainly have respect for those that do! To each their own, I say! : )

Jamie Hesser and Brandon McKinley said...

Hey..I have been a vegi for over 4 years now and I also feel great. The first year isnt easy. I craved meat and I was tired a lot. If you need some great vegi recipes let me know!
I think its important for people to think about what they are eatting. If you are not willing to picture how it got to your plate then you shouldnt eat it. I stopped eatting meat after I went to a fur harvesters in teachers college. I also saw a dog butcher store when I lived in Korea. I think everyone should see how animals are killed and taken care of before they eat them. Anyways..best of luck.

Major Gal said...

Thanks ladies! Jamie - yes, I need recipes. My digestion is fantastic now, but I know I'm not getting enough protein. It's been veggies and carbs so far. I smelled bbq firing up and that stung, but I won't cave on this. It's too important. It's cruel what happens to animals on their way to our plates and I won't be a part of it.
Meghan - being vegan is huge! Congrats to your dad and thanks for the feedback :)

Devin James said...

I am trying again to be vegan, and I know that once I get the hang of it it will feel very rewarding and I will feel a lot healthier!

I feel the same way about animals and I am trying my hardest to be a part of a food revolution (although I don't think society is ready).

Great Post sister! I am really proud of you!