This Birthday Boy is My Biggest Fan

My biggest fan is blowing out some birthday candles today. Had I been better prepared, I would have written a long post about a) how epic his hilarity is b) how he never fails to tell me how much he digs the blog c) how he's married to one hot babe and d) how lucky I consider myself to be his friend.

Instead, I'm rushing to get this out and can't give it the attention it deserves. Luc, you're the best. You boost my confidence. You make me smile every single time I see you and you've always supported my writing.

Your guest post is available whenever you want it. No restrictions, so let's chat.

And most importantly, have the happiest of birthdays. I almost included a picture from your birthday last year but I look brutal, so we'll use this happy, colourful birthday sign instead. xoxo


Anonymous said...

my comment is long over-due, apologies!

Thank you for the special dedication, beautifully written...he deserves it and thanks for the shout-out ;)

Sonia - the wife

Major Gal said...

Thanks Sonia xoxo