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It seems when I turned 25, everyone I knew decided to get hitched. For the past five years I have been the happy guest at countless weddings. The summer and fall of 2008 were the biggest. I was in my cousin's wedding in Colorado and had nine or ten others to attend. Six of them fell on six weekends in a row from June through July. It was a bit like groundhog day...the movie, not the actual day. I had a routine: get up, get my hair did, get into dress number 1, go to the church, get changed into dress number two, go to the reception, come home, fall asleep. Sundays I usually spent in bed or at bridal showers for the other weddings I was attending that year. It was a bit nutty.

My cousin, Karen and I at her Canadian reception

This year has been easy peasy. I've been to four weddings. Well, five if you count bestie's civil ceremony in April. The highlight was bestie's Mexican nuptials where I happily stood up as her maid of honour. Tomorrow, I'll be at another wedding. One of my oldest friends is getting hitched to a guy perfectly suited to her. Their humour completely compliments the other's and they just fit. They were matched up years ago by one of my dearest friends. He also happens to be my ex and at the time we were an item. He had said to me repeatedly throughout our relationship, "I think Jenny and Ryan would make a really good couple." He was so right.
The happy couple

Dushi and I - summer 2009
Jenny and I at our friend Stef's wedding - fall 2009

What's not to like about weddings? Great food. Love. Fancy dresses. Happiness. Slow dancing with a handsome gent. Count me in. I'll see you at the ceremony tomorrow JWeb. Congrats xo

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